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Having always been an avid reader, since becoming a Christian I have found a wealth of reading material in Christian bookshops and in various second hand bookshops. I have found that in Christian novels one often finds truths that help in one’s Christian walk. I enjoy reading about how the various characters deal with life, and I also find I am the richer for reading a really good Christian novel. Certain authors, through their books, give you a real insight into their joys and struggles, which I find very interesting. The books which I am going to review are those which I have really enjoyed, and have read at least twice – some books, for example the “Mark of the Lion “ series by Francine Rivers, I have read at least five times each. The first books that I am going to talk about are the latest two novels by Francine Rivers,

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Thursday, 21 July 2022


Publication date 1/9/22
ESCAPE FROM AMSTERDAM by LAURALEE BLISS is the beautiful story of a young couple, Helen Smit and Erik Minger, who put their lives on the line to save three Jewish children from the Nazis. I guarantee that this book, part of the Heroines of WW11 series, and  based on what really happened during the war, will touch your heart. 
Helen, who “wanted to share everything she knew with the eager minds of children,” becomes a teacher at a creche after graduating from the Teachers’ College of Amsterdam, working with Jewish children under Miss Pimental. With the Germans annexation of Holland the schouwburg across the road becomes a holding centre for Jewish families awaiting relocation to the camps. As the situation becomes worse daily, Helen and  Erik grow closer to one another and also to the Lord. Erik encourages Helen to not give in to fear because “Fear breeds power in others. Don’t give them an opportunity.” What I particularly like to see is the way this young couple live out their Christian faith daily, never missing an oortunity to share Jesus with others, especially the children in their care. Other strong characters are Ephraim and Delia Visser who also are prepared to lay down their lives for others.
This book is about the sacrificial love, faith and tremendous courage shown by ordinary Dutch citizens in the face of the unbelievable atrocities perpetrated against the Jews during the German occupation of Holland, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Barbour Publishing. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022


Publication date 4/10/22
UNDER THE STARRY SKIES is the third novel in the Love on the Santa Fe series by TRACIE PETERSON.. As is the case with all this author’s books, there is a strong Christian message running through it with relevant scriptures, which I really love. The plot is exciting and the characters are unforgettable. I particularly like the way we are taken into Cassie and Brandon’s emotions and see how they deal with past fears and guilt, and the very real fear of the future, with faith in God. 
Starting in 1916, with WW1 in full swing and with the Santa Fe railway lines in New Mexico being sabotaged, Brandon is on the alert, especially when Cyrus McCutchen, the man he suspects of being responsible for Cassie’s father’s death, comes back on the scene.
Family dynamics, the lust for revenge, pride and  broken relationships are some of the subjects that are addressed, as opposed to unconditional love, resposiilbility, friendship and godly living.
I cannot recommend Under the Starry Skies highly enough to anyone who enjoys inspirational historical romance.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Saturday, 9 July 2022


Publication date 8/11/22
I cannot recommend THE HIDDEN PRINCE by TESSA AFSHAR highly enough for the gripping story which is filled with biblical truth that leads to the promise of the coming Redeemer. I love the Scripture verses heading up each chapter, many from Proverbs and Jeremiah, and completely in tune with Keren and Jared’s journeys as they work out God’s purpose for them and as He gives them the strength to carry on. Jeremiah 29:11, that speaks of the Lord’s perfect plan for our lives, comes out very strongly.
I love the descriptions of life in Babylon and of Keren living and learning in Daniel’s household, and of her journey to Media where she meets the delightful Artadates, the chief shepherd’s son, who is to play such a big part in her and Jared’s lives……
There is a wicked king, of which it is said, “Unpredictable humans with unlimited power should play no part in any sane person’s life,”  which description also fits Jared’s wicked father.
I am not going to tell you any more for fear of spoiling things for you. I always look forward to this author’s books and The Hidden Prince definitely does not disappoint! This is a novel that I will definitely read more than once!
I was given a copy of the book by NetGalley from Tyndale House Publishers. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022


Publication date 20/9/22
A GEM OF TRUTH is the second novel in the Secrets of the Canyon series by KIMBERLEY WOODHOUSE. It is a delightful read with some wonderful characters and is full of excitement, adventure and romance. The story takes place at the El Tovar Harvey House Hotel at the Grand Canyon in 1907. As with The Great Divide, the magnificent scenery is beautifully described. I cannot wait for the third book in the series.
Julia Schultz lost her infamous parents at the age of eight, and, except for a few weeks of being loved and cared for by adoptive parents before they too died, she had a dreadful childhood which led to her making up fabulous stories which made her feel like someone important rather than the lonely orphan who no one wanted.
She is hoping to start afresh at El Tovar, and, apart from a slip up when she first arrives, makes a conscious decision to only tell the truth.
Chris Miller, a jeweller in Williams, is fascinated by the beautiful red haired Harvey Girl. He is excited about the treasure she has found and goes into partnership with her, hoping to get enough money to buy his shop. With the importance he places on honesty and always speaking the truth, what will he do when he hears about her past?……..
There is a strong Christian message with many scriptures about the  love of Christ and His sacrifice on the cross woven into the story. The truth of “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” comes out strongly. We see redemption, repentance, forgiveness and sacrificial love shown amongst those of the characters who choose the Lord’s ways.
I highly recommend tis lovely book to anyone who enjoys Christian historical romance.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Sunday, 26 June 2022


Pulication date 2/8/22
LOVE AND THE DREAM COME TRUE is the third novel in the State of Grace series by TAMMY L GRAY but it  can easily stand alone, although I suggest you read the first two books as well for sheer pleasure. It is a story of broken people with broken dreams, but there is a strong message of hope and restoration.
Cameron Lee, who has achieved fame in the music world, is now washed out and has no music left in him. He frequently has panic attacks, the most recent of which he has at his sister Cassie’s wedding when he comes face to face with Darcy, the love of  his life, and her husband Bryson, who stole her from him. This attack is witnessed by Morgan, Lexie Walters’ thirteen year old daughter. Lexie has had a crush on Cameron since she was a teenager and fantasizes about him falling in love with her. Lexie, who has had a difficult life herself, is the eternal optimist as opposed to Cam’s pessimism. The difference is largely due to her trust in God whereas his faith seems to be a thing of the past…..
Love and the Dream Come True is a most enjoyable and inspirational read with unforgettable characters and a deep Christian message of forgiveness, unconditional love and redemption. 
I cannot recommend this lovely book highly enough.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Saturday, 18 June 2022


Publication date 29/11/22
LIKE THE WIND by ROBIN LEE HATCHER is a time split novel in which Millie in the 1930’s, and Olivia Ward and her formerly estranged daughter Emma in present time, are asking the age old question, “God do You really care about me and what I am going through?” Millie’s old  journal, in which she has written down her feelings and prayers, really speaks to Emma in her situation.
When Olivia’s controlling ex husband Daniel dies in a car crash leaving Emma destitute, Olivia’s dream of having her fifteen year old daughter back in her life is brought to pass, but not without tension, due to the lies Daniel has told Emma about her mother not wanting her. Things change for the better when Emma, who is passionate about acting, is invited to join the Bethlehem Springs Mountain Theater group and makes some friends, who also attend Cornerstone church.
Tyler Murphy, who went from one bad foster home to another, works as an investigator for a law firm where he looks into situations where children could end up being abused, or who are already being abused. Peter Ward, Daniel’s father, employs Tyler to find our all about Olivia to see if she is the unfit mother his son made her out to be…….
This is a story about rejection, family dynamics and hardship, where the characters come to see that Christ is our only security, and, as we see in Mark chapter four, He is in the boat with us as we cross to the other side. 
I really enjoyed Like the Wind for the relevant scriptures on which the story is based and the way the author takes us into the very real emotions of her unforgettable characters. I cannot recommend the book highly enough.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Thomas Nelson. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

Friday, 17 June 2022


LINEAGE OF CORRUPTION is another great romantic suspense novel by ROBIN PATCHEN which takes place in Coventry. I always look forward to this author’s books and I am never disappointed. Although such subjects as abortion, political corruption, jealousy and betrayal are brought out, the book is not at all heavy, in fact there is some humour in parts of the story.
Josie Harrington changes her surname to Smith, leaves the stressful political scene, her mother and senator father, her ex-fiancé Bentley Kent and her best friend Ellie Sanders, and moves to Coventry, hoping no one will find out who she really is. She is happy running her coffee shop and finds baking therapeutic, especially after all she has gone through. 
It is not long before Bentley arrives on the scene, hoping to win her back. They go on a hike which turns out to be disastrous, excepting that she is saved by Thomas Wyndham, the handsome insurance agent who volunteers with search and rescue. Thomas is running for mayor, but, although Josie is a brilliant political strategist, she is hesitant to help in his campaign. She is wary of alpha males, having been surrounded by them in the political arena, and wants to stay away from anything that could compromise her new life. However, someone has found out who she is, is using intimidation and will stop at nothing to try and make her father go against his convictions……
I highly recommend Lineage of Corruption as an exciting and inspirational read, with interesting characters, a nail biting plot, and a strong Christian message of redemption and restoration. I guarantee you will not be able to put the book down.